About Us


Everywear is a brand that aims at giving you the best shopping experience, Everywear prioritize your ease and trust in online shopping.

Everywear strive to find solutions to the common problem with your online shopping.
How often do you shop online, only to be dissapointed by the wrong sizing?
For this reason, Everywear developed an online fitting room that will be matched accordingly to your own measurement.

Everywear provides various stylish and up-to-date ready to wear clothes. Every product we carry are designed creatively and made with the best quality of workmanship.


The online fitting room is one of our attributes whereas consumers can try the clothing products that they will buy through a virtual avatar on our website. The online fitting room can be equipped with consumer body measurements, such as height, weight, bust, waist, and hips that will recommend a cloth size (S,M, or L) that most likely will match with consumer’s measurements or as we called it consumer’s matrix. This technology will enhance your shopping experience as you can Fit in your choice at home. And, YES….it will match your body measurement.

Click here to try our online fitting room!